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מילון מונחים אנגלי עברי

מתוך ויקיגניה, המיזם הגנאלוגי העברי
קפיצה לניווט קפיצה לחיפוש
תוכן דף זה נכתב במקור עבור פורום שורשים משפחתיים על ידי חבר הפורום: ilanr.

במהלך המחקר המשפחתי - ובעיקר בעת השימוש ברשת האינטרנט או בעת יצירת קשר עם קרובים מחו"ל - אנו נתקלים במונחים גנאולוגיים רבים באנגלית, חלקם מוכרים יותר וחלקם מוכרים פחות. טבלה זו נועדה לסייע בידינו לתרגם את המונחים הלועזיים לעברית.

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Ancestor אב קדמון A person from whom you are descended
Ancestor Chart דו"ח אבות או תרשים אבות Report or chart that shows a person and all of their ancestors in a graphical format
Ancestry מוצא, יחוס, שושלת The lineage of all the ancestors of a person, from parents backward on time
Ante לפני בלטינית Latin prefix meaning before, such as in ante-bellum South; The South before the war
Archive גנזך ארכיון Collection of public or corporate records; place where such records are kept


Banns הודעת נישואין Public announcement of intended marriage, usually read in church on three successive Sundays
Bequeath מועבר בירושה To give personal property to a person in a will. Noun: bequest
Birth Certificate תעודת לידה Documentation about one's birth


Cascading Pedigree Chart תרשים שושלת מדורג A series of pedigree charts that span multiple generations for an individual and then for each person in the last generation of the first chart
Census מפקד תושבים Official enumeration, listing or counting of citizens
Circa תאריך משוער About or approximately; usually referring to a date
Consanguinity קרבת/קשר דם Blood relationship
Consort בעל או אישה בדר"כ אישתו של A husband or (more commonly) a wife
Cousin בן דוד Child of a person's Aunt or Uncle; person with whom one shares a common ancestor (excluding one's direct ancestors and siblings); formerly used as a loose term for any close friend or relative. N.B. in many Native American societies the usage differs
Cousin German בן דוד First cousin


Daughter-in-Law כלה, אשת הבן Wife of one's son
Death Certificate תעודת פטירה Documentation of one's death
Deceased נפטר מנוח Dead
Decedent נפטר (בחוק) A deceased person
Descendant Chart דו"ח צאצאים או תרשים צאצאים Report or chart that shows a person and all of their descendants in a graphical format. As opposed to the Modified Register which is more of a narrative report


Emigrant מהגר/יורד A person leaving a country and moving (permanently) to another
Enumeration ספירה רשימה Listing or counting , such as a census
Epitaph כתובת על מצבה An inscription on or at a tomb or grave in memory of the one buried there
Et Al לטינית ואחרים Latin for "and others"
Et Ux לטינית ואשתו Latin for "and wife"
Executor אפוטרופוס One appointed in a will to carry out its provisions
Executrix אפוטרופוסית Feminine form of Executor


Father-in-law חותן, חם, אבי האשה Father of one's spouse


Gazetteer אינדקס גאוגרפי A geographical dictionary; a book giving names and descriptions of places usually in alphabetical order
Gedcom פרוטוקול להעברת מידע גנאלוגי An acronym for "GEnealogical Data COMmunication". A standard format created by the LDS Church that allows genealogical software programs to transfer data
Genealogy חקר שושלות יוחסין Study of family history and descent
Given Name שם פרטי Name given to a person at birth or baptism, one's first and middle names (in societies where the surname is inherited)
Great-Aunt דודה דור שני (אחות הסב או סבה) Sister of one's grandparent (also grand-aunt)
Great-Uncle דוד דור שני Brother of one's grandparent (also grand-uncle)
Guardian אפוטרופוס Person appointed to care for and manage property of a minor orphan or an adult incompetent of managing his own affairs


Half Brother/Half Sister אח/ות חורג/ת Child by another marriage of one's mother or father; the relationship of two people who have only one parent in common


Illegitimate ממזר Born to a mother who was not married (the law generally recognises the children of a married woman to be those of her husband)
Immigrant מהגר One moving (permanently) into a country from another
Infant פעוט קטין (in law) A person not of full age; a minor
Issue צאצאים Offspring; children; descendants; progeny


Late שנפטר לאחרונה Recently deceased; now deceased
Lineage שושלת יוחסין Ancestry; direct descent from a specific ancestor
Lineal צאצא ישיר Consisting of or being in as direct line of ancestry or descendants; descended in a direct line


Maiden Name שם משפחה לפני הנישואין A woman's last name or surname before she marries
Maternal קרוב מצד האם Related through one's mother; on one mother's side of the family
Migration הגירה The move from one area to another
Minor קטין One who is under legal age; not yet a adult; an infant
Mortality תמותה Death; death rate
Mother-in-Law חותנת/ חמות Mother of one's spouse


Namesake אדם שנקרא ע"ש אחר, בעל אותו שם Person named after another person
Necrology רשימת מתים Listing or record of persons who have died recently
Nee מצרפתית-שם הנעורים של האישה Born. Used to denote a woman's maiden name
Nephew אחיין Son of one's brother or sister
Niece אחיינית Daughter of one's brother or sister


Orphan יתום Person with one or both parents dead


Passenger List רשימת נוסעים A ships list of passengers, usually referring to those ships arriving in the from Europe
Paternal קרוב מצד האב Related through one's father; on one's father's side of the family
Pedigree אילן יוחסין, שושלת Ancestry; bloodline; Family tree; lineage
Pedigree Chart תרשים אילן יוחסין A chart which includes the direct ancestors (parents, grand-parents, etc.) of an individual. Does not include brothers, sisters, aunts, uncles or other relatives
Post לאחר Latin prefix meaning after, as in post-war economy
Posterity צאצאים, הדורות הבאים Descendants; those who come after
Pre לפני Latin prefix meaning before, as in pre-war military build-up
Progeny צאצאים (פרי בטן) Descendants of a common ancestor; issue


Repository גנזך The place where a source can be found. (i.e.: Library, FHC etc.)


Sibling אח/אחות Person having one or both parents in common with another; a brother or sister
Sic נאמן למקור Latin meaning thus; copied exactly as the original reads. Often suggests a mistake or surprise in the original
Social Security Death Index (SSDI) דו"ח נפטרים של ביטוח לאומי Index of Social Security Death Benefit records which document how much the government has paid to an individual (spouse, child, etc.) as a result of a relative's death. An individual may appear in the Social Security Death Benefits Index if he or she died after 1967, had applied for Social Security during their lifetime, and if someone applied for their Social Security death benefits at the time of death. It is not a complete listing of deaths
Son-in-Law חתן/בעל של הבת Husband of one's daughter
Soundex אלגוריתם לקידוד מילים בעלי צליל זהה A method of giving names sound codes. This was created in the 1930's due to the fact that names can be spelled in many different ways. By grouping together surnames that sound alike, individuals can search for ancestors even when the surname had several different spellings
Source מקור המידע A book, document, or other record that supplies primary information
Spinster רווקה/בתולה זקנה Unmarried woman; woman acting in her own right
Sponsor סנדק A bondsman; surety
Spouse בעל או אישה Husband or wife
Step-Brother/Step-Sister אח חורג/אחות חורגת Child of one's step-father or step-mother
Step-Child ילד חורג מנישואין קודמים Child of one's husband or wife from a previous marriage
Step-Father בעל של אם מנישואין מאוחרים Husband of one's mother by a later marriage
Step-Mother אם חורגת Wife of one's father by a later marriage
Surname שם משפחה last name, family name


Transcribe להכין העתק To make a copy in writing
Tutor חונך (in Louisiana) A guardian of minor children


Ultimo לטינית בחודש קודם In the month before this one


Vital Records רישומי חיים Records of birth, death, marriage or divorce


Will צוואה Document declaring how a person wants his property divided after his death